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Providing support, education and resources for those seeking a gluten free lifestyle.

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To provide support and advocacy to newly diagnosed Celiac families, and those seeking a gluten free lifestyle, while fostering awareness and education in a compassionate manner. 

The Celiac Center of Minnesota was founded in 2010, and was created to serve the growing community of people who are living a gluten free lifestyle. The Center is committed to serving the diverse needs of this rapidly expanding community by hosting weekly orientation classes for newly diagnosed Celiacs, as well as offering a series of classes which cover a myriad of topics pertinent to individuals who must maintain this challenging lifestyle.

Whether it is a sibling, grandparent or spouse of a Celiac seeking support, a daycare provider or school nurse seeking information to provide consistent care, or a Celiac/gluten intolerant child or adult seeking classes and social networking opportunities, there is something for everyone at the Celiac Center. Our mission is to become a respected leader in the Celiac community, by generating awareness and by providing quality education, resources and support to the celiac and gluten intolerant communities. We offer free childcare and our classes are free and open to the public. See our full class listings here. 

We are also seeking volunteers to gather and compile data for our resource bank.  Additionally, we are seeking vendor partners for sponsorship opportunities. If either of these opportunties interest you,  please contact us at

Julie Salato, Founder and Executive Director of the Celiac Center of Minnesota

Like most leaders in the celiac community, Julie Salato, was drawn to advocacy, out of necessity. When her six-year-old daughter, Sierra, was diagnosed with Celiac disease, Julie’s unanswered questions about her own history of medical issues were answered, when she was also diagnosed with Celiac disease through a routine screening of the family.


In seeking support, Julie soon found herself running into road blocks. She could find a support group for her daughter, but she was informed that support was not available at the same group for management of her own disease. Additionally, she had just missed the monthly support group meeting and found she had to wait an entire three weeks for the next meeting. Later that day, she found herself milling up and down the grocery store aisle, tears blinding her vision as she struggled to find ingredients for meals her whole family could safely enjoy. Sadly, this scenario is still playing out in the aftermath of diagnosis for many Celiac and gluten intolerant individuals. As a result, the Celiac Center of Minnesota was launched. Julie has pledged to provide regular, personal and compassionate support to every and all members of this rapidly expanding community. 


Using her years of experience in working for one of the largest non-profits in the country, Julie is cultivating a volunteer workforce, securing key partnerships and speakers, and remains committed to serving anyone interested in living a gluten free lifestyle.

Read Sierra's story.
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